Neutral Case Evaluation

Learn how a Neutral Case Evaluation through™ can help you get a top dollar settlement for your case. Select a highly experienced Neutral or a Retired Judge to provide you with a written online evaluation. The cost is $400 for a non complex case and you will receive an evaluation within 72 hours. If you think it will be helpful for your client to meet face to face with your Case Evaluator, they will be compensated within accordance of their published hourly fee, which can be found on the Neutral's profile, located on the website.


A written evaluation will benefit you in several ways;

1.   Confirm your own evaluation and make sure you have not missed any important points. Furthermore, you may also find that you have placed too much emphasis on a particular point which experience shows will not be helpful to your case. (a false positive)

2.   Use the evaluation to help your client evaluate an offer.

3.   Use the evaluation as an advocacy support factor to make your case with your opponent.

4. Choose from a list of more than 150, independent Retired Judges and other qualified Neutrals.


Additionally, the evaluation can assist you by; 

1.   Giving you confidence in your negotiations.

2.   Ensuring you are not bidding against yourself.

3.    Guarding against an unfounded claim of malpractice by a difficult client.


I had a case where a client was turning down a significant offer. This was a pre-discovery offer, and believed the case would lose value as the discovery process unfolded. I was grateful that Virtual Courthouse provided us with access to experienced Judges, as the court ordered Mediation would not have occurred until months after the discovery was completed. We hired a Judge to come in and meet with the client, and to access the case. Thanks to the Judge's input, we were able to resolve the case. The client was able to view the offer in a different light after the Judge's input, while at the same time felt "heard" without having to give a deposition. Without this resource, I would not have been able to have this client feel confident that settlement was the best option.

Debbie Potter, lawyer - The Jaklitsch Law Group



The Case Initiation Process takes less than 5 minutes

Start your Neutral Case Evaluation Now - Click Here and select Single Party Neutral Case Evaluation as the case type, using the drop down box. If you need assistance entering your case or have addtional questions, please call Karen Pelton, Director of Customer Service at 301-458-0471. She is happy to walk you through the process and answer any question you might have.

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